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It is with great enthusiasm that the San Mateo County LGBTQ Commission, in collaboration with the San Mateo County Health Office of Public Health, Policy and Planning, presents the first wellness assessment in 15 years of LGBTQ community members of San Mateo County entitled Measuring and Improving LGBTQ Wellness in San Mateo County 2017-2018.

The Board of Supervisors created the LGBTQ Commission in 2014 to cultivate San Mateo County as a welcoming and safe environment where its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning community members can thrive. At the time of the Commission’s creation, there had not been an assessment of the LGBTQ community since 2001. Pursuant to its mission, and in order to inform policy recommendations with more current data and measurable outcomes, the Commission sought to conduct an evaluation of the attitudes of the County’s LGBTQ residents. Commission members designed and deployed an online needs assessment survey in 2017, including different versions for adults and for youth. The accompanying document summarizes the major findings of those two surveys.

Findings were collected by the LGBTQ Commission and then provided to the San Mateo County Health Office of Public Health, Policy and Planning for analysis. The adult survey asked questions in the following areas:  demographics of respondents; personal economy; housing; discrimination; safety; welcoming environment; social isolation; mental health; and health care. The youth survey addressed similar but slightly different areas:  demographics of respondents; sense of belonging; school safety; harassment and assault at school; healthcare; mental health; health habits; access to services; food security; housing security; and violence.

In addition to the actual survey results, the report below also includes findings from an analysis of comments submitted from two open-ended questions in both surveys.

The goal of this report is to present to the Board of Supervisors our findings which emphasize five remarkable themes for potential policy recommendations. We found compelling data reflecting LGBTQ communities’ Safety, Feeling Welcomed and Included, Health, Access to Resources & Services, and overall Visibility or Lack of Visibility. The findings in these five themes will help us facilitate structured community conversations in collaboration with Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center to be scheduled in spring 2019, which will then aid the LGBTQ Commission in developing policy recommendations to the Board of Supervisors, which we anticipate presenting in summer 2019.

We personally were struck by how compelling some of the data are, and we hope this report will serve as an important building block from which to generate community-wide action-oriented solutions, policy development, and resource allocation.


Here you will find the original Adult Survey questions and the original Youth Survey questions in PDF formats.

The results of the Survey were analyzed and validated by San Mateo County Health's Office of Epidimeology and Evaluation.

2017-2018 LGBTQ Wellness Survey Results (Youth survey preceeds Adult survey)

2017-2018 LGBTQ Wellness Survey Analysis of Comments 

Presentation to the Board of Supervisors, January 2019

Video (starts at 20:10 minute mark) of Presentation to the Board of Supervisors, January 2019

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Redwood City - The San Mateo County LGBTQ Commission presented the first wellness assessment in 15 years of LGBTQ community members of San Mateo County to the Board of Supervisors...

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